The ESC Center of Excellence is an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to strengthening prosperity and human welfare in the global economy through expert analysis and practical policy solutions in connecting the fields of ESG & Blockchain


The ESG Center of Excellence is committed to rigorous, intellectually open, and indepth study and discussion. It attempts to anticipate emerging issues and present ideas in useful, accessible formats, to inform and shape public debate. Its audience includes government officials and legislators, business and labor leaders, management and staff at international organizations, university-based scholars and their students, experts at other research institutions and nongovernmental organizations, the media, and the public at large.
The ESG Center of Excellence is a foundation after Swiss Law and was founded in Switzerland in April 2023 by Prof. Aditya Singh and Prof. Marco Casanova. It is an independent, international Think Tank, connecting researchers and decision makers.

Persons In Charge

Prof. Aditya Singh

Chairman of the ESG Center of Excellence Council Board
Chair of the ESG Center of Excellence Summit 2023

Marco Casanova, lic.rer.pol.

Director ESG Center of Excellence
Host of the ESG Center of Excellence Summit 2023